Another murderous AR-15

Another school shooting, in Florida this time.

How can we allow that evil AR15 to kill our children.
We need to ban that evil AR15
We need to sentence that AR15 to life without parole.
Give that evil AR15 bread and water in solitary for life at hard labor.
No super duper extreme high capacity magazine clips visitation.
The mind control attributes of the evil AR15 must be nullified by placing a tin foil cover over the barrel thing that goes up.

Or we could provide our larger schools with security. Not just for shootings, there are many fights and teachers beaten and stabbed. There have been numerous sexual assaults in our schools.
The one tax increase I would support is to provide security at our schools.

I understand that the football coach who was killed was also the security guard for the school…..the unarmed security guard.

Lets change that. And we will see fewer deaths and much faster ending to these shootings.


We cannot have an honest conversation about guns laws until we have an……honest…..conversation about gun laws.

When the gun banning side stops manipulating numbers, slanting stories, and outright lying in order to fundraise or push a political agenda for votes.
When they concede the right to self defense and the reality that there are possibly 600 million firearms in this country and you can never confiscate them all.
When the see that criminals, by definition, will not obey laws.

Then we can have an honest, adult conversation about gun laws.

I don’t see that happening

Presidential portraits

A long history of Presidential portraits.

very proper and statesman like. Men to admire and immulate. Here are a few, in no particular order.






Teddy Roosevelt


and for your viewing pleasure


as they used to sing on Sesame Street

“one of these is not like the others”

(and not because of race, damn shame I have to add that)