About Peace

About  Peace

I think that peace is a presence, not an absence.
The absence of war is not peace, it’s silence.

The last few years (like 40+) the idea of winning a conflict has been superseded by the idea of stopping the fighting. Stopping the killing and showing heart string pulling images of suffering rather that the “Flag Raising on Iwo Jima” type of images.

“blessed are the peacemakers” does not mean the idea of stopping the fighting.

Throughout history when a ceasefire or armistice was signed, even a peace treaty. It was an opportunity for both sides to reload and rearm.

When Eisenhower was in Germany as a victorious General he was just that. When he marched the local populace through the death camp and they did a lot of crying and vomiting and were forced to look at the things they were turning a blind eye to, they repented of the things that were done in their name.
thats when Eisenhower became a peacemaker. The rebuilding of Germany began, not the occupation of Germany.

not to get too biblical and start a fight with the anti religion crowd. The argument could be made that David was a peacemaker (even with all the wars and killing) and Solomon was a politician. Joshua was a peacemaker and Saul was a politician.

many times the way to the presence of peace is through victory, not ceasefire.

Eisenhower was a peacemaker. We could use another.

just my opinion. And remember that my opinion is worth exactly what you paid for it.