Disney day 7, going home

Finally going home.

What made me think I could keep up with a ten year old at Disney? My back hurts, knees, ankles. I have more moleskin on my feet than skin on my feet. But Mercy had a great time. And I learned a few things along the way;

When the weather forecast in Florida calls for rain…it means it.

Mercy was five the first time we came here and she remembers much of it but why would anybody bring an infant or toddler to Disney unless they were working on frustration management.

The bad thing about the Avatar rides, three hours waiting for a five minute ride. Watch it on YouTube with headphones and bounce in your chair.

The good thing about the Avata rides, the other lines at Animal Kingdom are a lot shorter.

I had forgotten the various smells of international travel…ers.

Disney runs like a well oiled machine, the buses, meals, characters, everything. I wish my company would come down and study the Disney model.

Nothing here is free, nothing here is cheap. Accept it and deal with it.

Seventeen hour drive home. I’m gonna do it in two days. We have a meeting with the adoption lawyer on Tuesday afternoon about how to handle our foster boys case. DCS has decided to terminate the parental rights and he is going. Into “the system” unless we keep him. How we are going to do that is still to be determined. Foster parenting a child in the adoption pool, guardianship, adoption are all on the table but he is not high on the list for open adoption. Ten years old, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Chiari Malformation, and other various developmental issues. But we will see.

some pics;

All in all, it was great. But time to go home and get to work. Mamasita has been carrying it all for too long.