Weinstein scandal

from time to time there is an exposure in Hollywood or the music industry (remember Milli Vanilli)

while other’s invariably come forward and speak out about “the culture” or “the systemic problem” the result has been and will most likely be the same.

The offender is isolated, estranged, ostracized and eventually destroyed for the protection of all the others. After the blood is cleaned up with rehab and due penance has been paid, the pats on the back will begin about how the issue has been “cleaned up” and “reformed”  or even “fixed”

the only problem with the system is that it’s full of people. And the inevitable consequence of so much power imbued in one or two people will result in the same depravity. Whether it be drugs, sex, or any other perversion they have a predisposition toward.

Fatty Arbuckle, Bob Crane, Colonel Parker and Elvis, Marilyn Monroe. Etc, etc

is there hope? If the draw of fame becomes less valuable than personal integrity then the teeth will be taken from the industry of movies, music, stage, ballet, and any number of other situations. But not likely.

people will be people and the price of fame, be it college grades, promotions, recording contracts, movie deals will be set by those that can and paid by those that are willing.

the problem is that some aren’t so willing. Then the line gets crossed.

Arrest them, investigate them, charge them, convict them of proven crimes, and punish them. The threat of exposure and punishment are the only constrictions on their actions.